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To place an order, please send an email with an attached photo or send a photograph via postal mail to the Pet Artist. To insure that my work meets your expectations, please provide the following information with your order. Use our on-line order form to provide this information, or, if you prefer, contact me personally with the information.

No deposit is required. Photograph of the finished portrait will be sent for your approval either via e-mail or surface mail. Upon receipt of payment, portrait will be mailed. Please include $15.00 for shipping and handling within the USA.

How to Contact You
Please provide either an email address, a postal address, or a phone number where you can be reached.
Size of Painting Desired
8" by 10" ($150), 9" by 12" ($175), 11" by 14"($200), 12" by 16"($300), 16 by 20 ($400), 18 by 24 ($500), 24 by 36 ($600) or specify a size. Prices are for unframed paintings. Additional subjects are $50 each. $100 extra for including the pet's human. If desired, framing can be done for actual cost plus 10%.
Type of Painting
Oil or Watercolor (Same Price)
Eye Color of Pet(s)
Photographs don't always accurately reflect a pet's eye color. The flash may distort the eye color, resulting in "red" eye in people and "green" eye in animals.
Hair Color of Pet(s)
Once again, depending on the lighting, the photograph you send may or may not accurately reflect your pet's true hair color. If it is different than the photo, please specify.
Background as in photo or improvised? If improvised, please specify a main color preference. If you're not sure about a background color, I can choose one to suit your pet and a photograph of the finished portrait will be sent for your approval as described above. Also, if you want to use the background from the photo, let me know if you would like me to touch up anything, like that chair arm that "Fido" chewed.
View of Pet in the Portrait
Would you like the entire body of your pet in the painting, just a head and shoulders painting, or just like the photo? Or would you like the painting touched up where the photo needs some work? Do you want more of a closeup of your pet than the photo provides?
Additional Photos
One or more additional photos of your pet will help me to accurately portray them in the painting. If you send more than one photo, please indicate the one to be used as the main model for the painting.
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